Monday, October 17, 2011

October 17 - 21

You should all be excited about this week - it is short!!  No school on Monday for you guys (don't be too sad).  I am here at school working hard, making sure your grades are ready to go for the first nine weeks.  You guys have done an awesome job so far and I am looking forward to a wonderful second quarter of school.  Just make sure you have your homework ready to be graded on Tuesday - it was a gold colored worksheet on writing algebraic equations.

I will be gone on Friday but you will have two reviews.  One will be for the chapter 3 test and one will be for our first common assessment!!


Tuesday - lesson 3-2  worksheet

Wednesday - lesson 3-3  worksheet

Thursday - lesson 3-5  worksheet

Friday-  review for chapter 3 test and for common assessment

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